Laminated Coatings are specialists in the following product ranges. For more information on each of our products please select the appropriate section from our site navigation at the top of the page.

laminated coatings
  • Fibre Glass kits
  • Glass Fibre repair kits
  • GRP kits
  • Fibreglass repairs
  • Glass fibre repairs
  • GRP repairs
  • Fibreglass mangers
  • Glass fibre feed troughs
  • Fibre glass manger pans
  • GRP mangers
  • Fibreglass wall coatings
  • Glass fibre wall coverings
  • Fibre Glass wall technologies
  • Fibreglass swimming pools
  • Glass fibre pools
  • Fibre glass ponds
  • GRP slides
  • Fibreglass flat roofs
  • Glass fibre roofing
  • Fibre glass roof technologies
  • GRP balconies
  • Fibreglass surveys
  • Glass fibre reports
  • GRP consultations

In short, whatever way you spell it – Fibre Glass, fibreglass, glass fibre or GRP – Laminated Coatings are the specialists that can assist you.

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